Monday, March 27, 2017

4-H Happenings in Toole County

Today I thought I’d share some news and happenings of our 4-H Program. As you may know 4-H is the largest out of school program in the United States. Youth may select from a multitude of projects to gain life skills.

Sunday was the Toole County 4-H Public Presentation Contest. Youth from around the county came together to present on topics from Beading to Rockets. The youth gained experience and skills in presenting to an audience. Our top award winner was Shane Samsal from the West Butte Club.
Shane did a wonderful demonstration on how to show a chicken. Shane brought his favorite hen along for the event.

This Thursday will be the first meeting of the Toole County 4-H Poultry Program. This is a new program that provide town kids with the opportunity to raise an animal and show it at fair. 4-H members and non 4-H members are welcome to join this project. The group will be raising chicks and learning about poultry until it’s time to show their chickens at the fair in July. If your child is interested in the Poultry Project give us a call at 424-8350 to sign them up.

Also this spring the Blazing Saddles 4-H Club has been partnering with the RECCS AfterSchool Program for an aerospace project. In the last couple of months the 4-H Club has provided the youth with experiences that included drones and stomp rockets. In April we will be building and launching model rockets at the afterschool program.

Toole County 4-H youth are busy learning and working on projects that will be showcased at the Marias Fair in July. I would like to invite everyone to take an opportunity to visit the fair and see some of the wonderful work this members will display.

Alice Burchak
Toole County Extension

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