Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What lurks in your storage shed? Don't miss out on the Waste Pesticide Disposal Program!

Kari Lewis, MSU Extension - Glacier County

Do you ever wonder what to do with that old, outdated pesticide that you no longer use?  Or have you found a container in the back of your shed missing a label, or you’re not even sure what it is?  This is where the Montana Department of Ag’s Waste Pesticide Disposal Program comes in!

The Waste Pesticide Disposal program allows you to deliver old, unused pesticides to a location for disposal.  The first 200 lbs. are free to dispose!  There are NO penalties involved, this is simply an opportunity to dispose of unwanted and unused pesticides in a safe and environmentally friend way. 

Waste pesticides are any pesticide, such as herbicide, insecticide, or fungicide, that is unwanted or unusable as originally intended.  Unusable pesticides may be pesticides that have become contaminated, the registration has been cancelled, or the label has been lost or unreadable.  A pesticide that can no longer be used must be disposed of, and the sooner the better to prevent environmental damage.

Any person, company, or organization that purchases or controls a pesticide is legally responsible for that pesticide’s proper use, handling, storage, and disposal.  It is illegal to bury, burn, or discard a pesticide or its container in a manner inconsistent with the label instructions.

This year, pesticide disposal drop-off locations will be in Kalispell on September 19, Missoula on the 20th, Helena on the 21st, and Dillon on September 22.  The location rotates each year, and next year the drop-off locations will be back in Central Montana. 

To participate, you must register by September 11.  Registration forms are available at your local Extension office or online at the Montana Department of Ag’s website.  Once registered, you will be contacted with the exact location of the drop off.  Again, the disposal fee is FREE for the first 200 pounds and $0.50/lb for amounts in excess of 200 pounds.

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