Monday, June 5, 2017

New App is a Handy Resource for Canning Food at Home by Alice Burchak

Today I have some good news for experienced home canners who like to use technology. Oregon State University Extension has developed a new smartphone app that is a handy resource for canning food at home. The new app offers step-by-step information and checklists for home canners who already have some experience preserving food.
The recently released app “Canning Timer & Checklist” includes a step by step checklist to walk you through successfully and safely can foods at home. The information contained in the app uses researched based recommendations from the United States Department of Agriculture.

The easy to use app includes checklists for canning vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood. While using the app you will be asked to input the type of food you are preserving, the jar size, rather you are raw or hot packing, what type of canner you are using and your elevation. 

After your make your selections, a list will appear with all the steps needed to complete the process. As you finish each item on the list, there is a place to check it off. After you complete the check off list a built-in timer will appear for timing the processing. There will be no more looking for the timer at the last minute or forgetting to turn it on.

The app is not designed for a first-time canners. There is not enough in-depth instructions for each step. If you are a new to canning and would like more in-depth instructions contact your local extension office or visit the MSU Extension website at

The “Canning Timer & Checklist” app is a great new tool for home canners that always keep their mobile devices near them. Home canners should always use current, tested recipes to make sure your final product is safe and of good quality.  

Download the new canning app at


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